Buckeye 600 Bowling Club
About Us
In 1978, Ruth Smith, President of the Ohio Women's Bowling Association gave Laura Steele, 2nd Vice President of the OWBA, the task of organizing the first State 600 Tournament. Rainbow Lanes in Columbus hosted the tournament on June 25, 1978 with 669 entrants.
Following the tournament, Ruth Smith conducted a meeting to begin the organization of the State 600 Club. Officers were elected: Norene Peck, President; Joan Ball, Vice President; Kathleen Riley, Secretary-Treasurer; and Doris Stephens, Sergeant-at-Arms. The presidents and secretaries of the six districts served as directors for the short time until the Districts elected their directors at their annual tournament. Binnie Dirk, Eleanore Long, Del Bitner, Sandy Campagna, Judy Angel, Linda Rockfield, Vivian Winnett, Norma Workman, Catherine Smith, Kay McCue, Mabel Montavon and Juanita Hostetler were the first elected directors.
By-Laws were adopted at the annual meeting following the 1979 tournament. The name "Buckeye 600 Bowling Club" was adopted as the official name of the Club. Norene Peck designed the first club pin. Dues were $0.50. Laura Steele became the club's first Life Member, being elected at the annual meeting in 1985. The Club was founded for the purposes of uniting all female bowlers in Ohio who have qualified for membership, to conduct an annual tournament, to encourage members to promote social activities and devote themselves to the fun of bowling. Also, to urge all members to play the game in a sportsman-like manner, bringing credit and honor to themselves and to the Buckeye 600 Bowling Club.
Requirements for membership are: Female member of the Ohio State USBC who has bowled a scratch 600 or higher three-game series in a certified league or tournament. Must be a member in good standing of USBC, the National 600 Bowling Club and the Ohio State USBC. Buckeye 600 Bowling Club ByLaws